26 May 2009

Uh oh...

So I haven't been to work since noon last Thursday...and surprisingly...

I've loved this.

This is not a good sign. I have really enjoyed not being at work. I did stop in once Saturday to pick up some paper I had left there and checked messages (much to MS's humor and dismay) and again to do a little switcheroo yesterday. But I haven't even thought about work as an, "OMG, I need to go back to work!"

Maybe it's because this weekend has been so full and fun that I haven't needed to miss work. Or maybe it's because I have enough to do on my own that work doesn't need to encompass my life anymore.

Whatever the reason (since as I'm rereading those they sound a lot the same) it makes me a little worried for tomorrow when I go back to work for the week. I need to be and stay motivated. I have a lot to do and I've been putting it off, which is not good.

But until then, I'm going to enjoy my last day off and get some things accomplished.


Kat said...

Yes... yes... this happens when other things, perhaps more truly important to us deep down, come up in life, huh? Yeah.... Sounds like me and my little business I had when I met Garett. I worked 24/7 and loved it, but then instantly didn't care about it at all anymore when the prospect of having babies was very real!!

Anonymous said...

I took all last week off work for a "staycation". Combined with the Memorial Day holiday I ended up being away from work for 9 glorious days... and it was so hard to return. But I'm trying to strike a better balance and not over-work myself now. I need it for my mental sanity!

Glad you got a nice breather!

~moe~ said...

Kat - or perhaps the prospect of at least trying to make babies? :)

Jill - I totally agree. I have overworked myself too much. I did that in March and April suffered because of it - I had no energy and really didn't want to be at work and didn't do much while there. This month has been better but I'm still coming up from killing myself over stupid stuff in March. Hopefully I'll learn from this.