09 May 2009

For the sisters

This morning I drug my fat ass out of bed and ran a 10K. It was the breast cancer run that's held each year on Mother's Day weekend here. It's been getting bigger each year and this year was no exception. Over 4500 people signed up to do either the 10K, 5K, 3mile walk or 1.5 mile walk. Insane!

So my friend Joel and I carpooled together and ran together (sort of...he's tall and fast, so I just watched him go). I was really happy with my run - 1:08:23, which equates to an 11:01/mile pace avg. Nice.

It felt good to get out and race again. I'm always better about it when I can and when there are people I know there. Next weekend I'm running a marathon. I haven't trained very well for this, but I think I can make it. A couple of my friends signed up for the 1/2 instead of the full. They are the smart ones I think.

Then my sister, niece, her friend, and our Mom got together for lunch and painting of pottery for Mom's Day and my niece's belated b-day present. Tons o' fun. :) I painted a tumbler this time and I think it'll turn out nice. It'll be good when I go to Starbucks. I just need to figure out how many ounces it will hold.

After that I got to pick up a couple framed items I put in a couple weeks ago. One is for my SIL with her certificate of training for the police force. It got a little bigger than I think she or I had planned. I think we could have trimmed down a bit of the matte, but oh well. And the other was a print for work which turned out nice.

Now I'm going to take a mini-nap and then start sorting clothes. I need to purge again. I'm just feeling the clutter upon me and i can't take it anymore. Goodwill will love me soon. :)

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