15 May 2009

One last night of walking normal

Mom's surgery went really well and she went home today. I dropped her off about 90 minutes ago and then came home to do laundry for the weekend. I figure after tonight I won't be able to walk very well, so it'd probably be good for me to have clean clothes, just in case.

Tomorrow is my first marathon this year. I'm excited and nervous. I have to get my race packet tonight and be at the starting line at 0630 tomorrow. Freakin' early, if you ask me, but whatever. It should be good.

Ms. Debbie came down to help me schlep, so I'm going to meet with her tonight and do a hand off. I have my plan, which is always important, so tomorrow should go okay...as long as my legs and hips keep working.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! I hope your mom heals up well too!