11 May 2009

Looooooonnnnnggggg Day

After a late night last night, the last thing I should have been doing was driving 4 hours in a car. But I did anyway.

Today I headed to the Cities for my monthly massage therapy appointment. I need to emphasize that this really is therapy - not just a fluff and buff. I have some major kinks in my back and forearms from work, and my legs and feet from running. So this isn't always relaxing, but it is always beneficial.

So basically, I drove up, met with Keith for a couple hours, then drove to my brother's up north to drop of SIL's framing project I put together for her and watch Jake at his soccer game. I'm finally home and dead on my feet. I really need sleep.

It's marathon week, which is always tough. I need to watch what I eat, make sure I'm getting sleep, and get a couple short runs in to at least stay limber. Add to that my mom's surgery on Thursday and the fact this is a marathon in the middle of the month - which is really throwing me off for some reason. It shouldn't but it is. I'm just hoping that this week will go well and that Saturday will go very well. I would love to beat my time from last fall, but it's a different course and a different time, so we'll have to see. Maybe I should just hope to finish. :)

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