18 May 2009

Weekend recap

Alright, so I know I haven't really written in awhile, and I know you can never really make up for that but I'm going to try anyway.

Friday night I headed up to the marathon town to pick up my race packet. Before I went I got a little girlified because I've been trying to be more of a girl lately. I think it threw Debbie off a bit. I picked her up at Super8 and we headed to the student union for packet pick up.

I'm either running too many races or I'm just really memorable. The guy who runs All Sport Central here in town was there and saw my name and said, "Oh hi!" just like he did last week at the 10K. He said, "You know the drill" as he passed me my chip and bib. Yep! I've been thru this a time or two.

After that Debbie and I found the starting point and then got her Subway before I headed back home to see MS briefly for the night and then sleep. MS was sooooo tired from working 4 days in a row on his yard that I had to tease him a little. "Why, MS, Why are you soooo tired? You haven't done ANYTHING all week long!" He laughed and said, "You're about this close to having a broken nose." :) Ah, so sweet. :)

Saturday AM
Saturday started well. I got up on time, got dressed and ready, and then headed out a wee bit late so I didn't get my starbucks and had to drive a wee bit fast to get there. I got to the park with 11 minutes to spare, 5 minutes before the National Anthem was sung, so I had 5 minutes to finish getting ready and get to the starting line. Luckily this isn't like TC and there are only 300 runners tops.

The race started out well. My first mile was 10:40 even though I was a little tight. Then I settled into my 11-11:30 pace. I was doing well through the first 6 miles then it started to get a bit iffy. My right knee really tightened up and started to scream at me - well not at mile 7, but by mile 10 it was screaming. I could barely walk through that mile (of course the steep up and down of the hill during mile 9 didn't help). 11-13 were better but by the time I hit the mid-way point I was done.

I kept thinking that the stupidest thing I could do would be to keep running and end up with a scoped knee like MS. But I also kept thinking how I would let people down if I did stop - myself especially. I really did/do feel extremely small for ending when I did. I could have made it, it would have sucked and I wouldn't be walking today, but I could have made it.

So now I have to take a little rest and then get my mind set in for really training beginning June 1 (at the latest - next week would be good too). MS and I talked about P90X in June and I think that would be a great idea. I need to do something.

Saturday PM
After the race, Debbie went shopping while I showered, cried and iced. Joel IM'd and wanted to go to lunch so he joined Debbie and I at Champps. :) We had a really good time, eating, drinking, watching some baseball and talking a lot. We moved to a local pub after that and then on to a local baseball game. It was an insane afternoon and evening, but a lot of fun. It really helped to take my mind off the race, at least it did when my knee wasn't flaring in anger. :)

Sunday AM I headed to MS's to help put manifolds together for a sprinkler system we're working on for his yard. Tons of fun. Then I met up with the ever-fabulous Karen and Joel again for lunch. We hit a new place in town that was really good. I'll have to go back sometime.

After lunch, Karen and I ditched Joel to go shopping. Funny enough, my knees felt great, but my quads were really sore. That made for an interesting shopping experience, but we had a lot of fun. She found a coat, I got some jeans and my hair cut, and we ate junk food. Always a good night.

Then back to MS's to see how the day's projects finished up. I have to help harvest rocks later this week so I wanted to see how bad it really was. Yeah, it'll keep me busy. :)

So now we're to today. I worked today so I can have a long weekend with the holiday. Not sure why since I don't have any plans as of yet, but I'm sure something will come up (STS). I was supposed to go walking with SG tonight but Mom called and needed her lawn mowed before it gets windy and then rains as the forecast states. So I headed up there after work and mowed the lawn with her crappy mower. :) At least I got some exercise in today.

I'm feeling better about the whole race, or lack thereof, today. I'm still disappointed in myself that I stopped, but I am glad I made it as far as I did and tat I was willing to listen to my body that was yelling at me. It's a good motivator to get on a real training program, drop some pounds, and get ready to make a change again. I can do it. I just need to start now.

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