01 April 2009

Random zings

Okay, first, I have no idea what was up with that comment on yesterday's post. But I've deleted it so hopefully something like that won't show up again. Crossing fingers!!!

Second...today was, of course, April Fool's Day. Dammit to Boss3 for making me play. I don't like this day, but he wanted to play something on KC. So we concocted this story that I'm PG and not sure what to do.

Well, he and KC turned it around on me and Boss3 said that she was so excited that I was PG and then she could pawn off kid clothes on to me.

There's so much more to this story and maybe someday I'll play it all out, but in the end, Boss3 did want to play something on KC, but she figured it out quickly and turned it around to coerce me over to her office for cake. That said, we both figured it out quickly what Boss3 was doing but we were going to keep playing it out, because we just like to mess with each other, but he fessed up.

Oh well... we still had cake and then went out for lunch which was so much fun. I got back and I was so full, which I really don't understand because all I had was a cup of soup and half a sandwich and with the ab workout we both put in, you'd think I would have worked all of that off.

All I can say is, I'm really glad KC is in my life. She is so much fun.

But the best news...I'm on vacation now. Two days off from work, a weekend, then two days at a conference so I'm not back to my office until Wednesday. God bless comp time. I'm so excited for these days. I have some plans (because otherwise I'll go insane) and it should be fun.

I'm so excited that I'm going to go to bed now. :) ha! Like that's unusual.

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Karen Elizabeth said...

So I may, or may not have 5 cases of Diet Coke with Splenda for you. Okay, so I have them. But, I can't get them to you until May 11...so hopefully DC is good for a month? Anyways, I saw them at the local store and thought of you. So bought them without thinking of how to actually give them to you. Nice. Hope you are having a fantastic day.