08 April 2009

Obsession can be a good thing

So remember when I wrote this and talked about my obsessive behavior?

Well, it's probably a good thing I do this. Today there was a message on my online account telling me this: "This is to inform you that your account may be at risk for unauthorized use."

Okay, so I'm really glad that they keep an eye on my account and if there is an issue they alert me. What I'm PISSED about is that this was the only alert I received. I didn't get a phone call (which they have done when I've been at B&N and tried to buy books but the receipt paper jammed and so they had to cancel the entire order and then rerun it - they blocked my card until I got on the phone to talk to them about it in person). I also didn't get an email at all.

I am livid, though trying to stay calm. Thank God for my OCD. So I called them up to find out what was what. Of course the help dude didn't really have an answer but that my payments I have scheduled to pay my account will flow through.

However, I have no credit card until I get my new one in the mail. It's a good thing I have enough food to keep me for awhile, but I probably will need to pull some cash from savings just to tied me over.

So again, I'm mad they didn't let me know this was going to happen. The bad thing is that if it doesn't come by the weekend, I'm going to have to figure out how to pay Keith on Monday. I don't have that much cash...well, a check might work this time. hmmm.

ugh. I didn't need this today. Oh well...this too shall pass, right? I hope so.

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Kat said...

Yes, it shall.
And have I told you lately that you are TOTALLY AWESOME?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!