27 April 2009

Bust but good

Today was a bust of a day in some aspects. I got up late, spent most of the day hanging with SBK moving cars for our bosses and keeping them in line, and trying to catch up on work.

Finally I headed up to see my nephew's soccer game. I have to make as many games as I can because most of the time I can't, if that makes sense. The game was okay. Jake wasn't really into it. But his sister was a riot.

Picture a 2 1/2 year old, precocious red head, in a puffy purple coat, holding a small grey water bottle, stomping around the fold out chair saying, "Goin' on a mommy hunt. Goin' on a mommy hunt. Where could her be? Where could her be?" over and over and over again. It was so damn cute. After she did that several times she would stop and look at me and say, "Is she at work?" I would say, "May...be." and then we would start it all over.

It was fine until it got stuck in my head. :) Oh well.

Then I busted my butt down to a friends for some cribbage. I had to redeem myself from losing last night. :( I finally won one game, but when we finished I realized the window was behind me so he might have been able to see my cards and just let me win. I'm hoping not. :) And probably not since he's as competitive as I am.

Now I need to get to bed so I can get up at 5. These late nights are going to kill me. :)

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