11 April 2009

Blah Saturday

I should not have this much time off. I'm unproductive, ornery, crabby, and not liking it. I need projects. I need things to do. I need a house so I always have something that should be done.

I'm guessing you've figured out that I didn't do much today. I got up late which wasn't good. Went for a run which was okay, but not what I was expecting. Then I ventured out in the world of retail to try to find something - anything! - that might work for a mini-gift bag for Em for her birthday.

See, it's her 9th b-day today and so it was her party tonight, which was fun. But I had already told her we would have a Aunt-Niece day or weekend together so I wouldn't be getting her a gift. But I didn't want her to have nothing to open either.

So what I did was got her a stuffed tiger (zoo), blow-up beach balls (swimming), cookie cutter (duh), and sprinkles (also for the cookies, but for ice cream too), and a photo album (so we can document and have it to remember the day/weekend by). The latter I had done for her for her 6th b-day (which was her gift then too). It was fun and I made one album for her and a like one for me. We'll do that again this year.

But that was the day.

So I'm making a plan for tomorrow. I can't have another unproductive day. So here it is: church at sunrise, run (more than yesterday and feel better about it - attitude is everything), movie with mom (Slumdog Millionaire at the cheapo theater), and then I'm going to go through papers and magazines and recycle. I have so many loose papers lying around for NO reason. I need to get rid of this stuff so I can feel less cluttered. And the magazines! UGH!

Good plan for Easter right? Resurrecting Jesus and my apartment. :)

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