22 April 2009

Random thoughts today

Investment can be a good thing. In the troubled economy we live in, investing is important. We invest in our future not only monetarily, but in our relationships as well. The question comes in when do we know that our investment is the right one, or that it's maturing at the level it should be? How do you set expectations for that? You expect a bond to mature at a specific rate, but in relationships can you set a maturing level? And what if you don't reach that level in a timely manner? Do you cut and run, or do you hold out hoping that it will flourish in the future?

I love this song with Mosaic (scroll down and listen to "Home"). The lyrics are here. This is the lead singer.

The tip of my nose feels fuzzy, like there's something on the end of it. It tingles and I'm not sure why.

I just discovered that when I smile or laugh, there are these weird tendons in my ears that pop up. Very strange.

Nathan Lane cracks me up.

He likes me! He really likes me! :) My boss gave me a card today for Administrative Professionals Day (aka Secretary's Day, but both he and I despise that term). How sweet is that? And a gift card to Starbucks! Suh-weet! But really, the card was what made my day.

It's nice to be called the "young" one in a class.

YAY for feta and hummus!

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