14 April 2009

I'm starting to repeat myself

I was going to use "Someday I'll figure this out" for the title of this post and then I realized I already used it. Great... I can't even come up with something clever.

Anyway... I got a nice 3 mile run in with SG tonight. She hadn't ran in 3 weeks and I'm still a wee bit tender from my massage therapy yesterday. But it was nice to get out. She was brave and wore shorts and a t-shirt. I wore my yoga pants (black), a t-shirt and a light jacket (all black), so I'm sure we looked like quite the pair. Oh well...we still went out and it felt great. I'm so glad the weather is warmer.

Interesting work day. I started with catching up with SBK for an hour, tried to work for awhile, then my mentor took me out for lunch. I needed that, but it turned into a little longer than it should have, so I'll have to sign out some time. Oh well, very worth it. But tomorrow must be productive.

I blame it on the fact that all four bosses were out today. I need someone there to keep me alert - though Boss1 is best, the others will do. :)

Had a nice counseling session with my counselor (natch) this afternoon too. It was good, though not sure he's right. But he probably is, which is what sucks. I'm too old for this shit.

I know this doesn't make ANY sense, but I can't write it all here, so you'll just have to deal. ramble ramble ramble, such is me. :)

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