25 April 2009

N&N weekend

I should have gone running this morning, but I opted for day two of niece and nephew weekend.

Last night after work I went south to visit my sister's kids during their Spring Concert. Em is in 3rd and so they did Orff music - a weird song and then a dance number. She has really good rhythm so I'm hoping when she gets to her band years she'll pick percussion. :)

Zach is in 5th so he is in band and is playing trombone. He's actually pretty good, though we'll have to work on his toe tapping. During one song he was tapping the trumpet's notes - kind of on beat, but he kept adding an 8th note in there so it was kind of funny. He did really well though. The 5th and 6th did a couple combined band numbers and really showed the potential they'll have as they enter high school.

After the band numbers the 4th through 6th grades performed 101 Dalmatians...the short kids musical version. This was really good! I was very impressed with them.

Today I went north to see my nephew Jake play soccer. His sister Ava sat on my lap during the game because it was freakin' cold. You gotta love this state - 90 degrees two days ago, and today in the 30s. Ugh. Jake did really well playing today...much better than last fall. He had some really good kicks and running kicks. I was really proud of him. He's improving, which is great.

After the game we swung back to the house so I could get some stuff for my SIL that she wanted custom framed. Once we had sorted everything out with that, I was heading out to go home and Ava came to me in the hallway. I picked her up and she squeezed me around my neck, hugging me. It was sweet...she was shaking she was hugging me so hard. Then she gave me a kiss on my cheek and said, "I like you." I said, I like you too! She said, "I like my mom and dad more though." I said, You should. In fact, you should love your mom and dad. She said, "I do love them. I love you too." Aw... warm, fuzzy on my heart.

Then it was back home to go shopping with my sister and Em for clothes. I hate shopping, but not as bad (anymore) as Em does. Luckily it was survivable and I got to work on my patience skill. We had a good afternoon and I even found a couple shirts and picked up my blender for my smoothies Keith wants me to start having.

It's hard to believe though, that it's 9:22 now. I should be in bed, but I have laundry in. My apartment is such a mess right now and I have so much to do. I have to run tomorrow - HAVE TO - and I need to go into work, not to mention clean my house. Next week is going to be super busy so I really need to be productive this weekend. Hopefully a good night's sleep tonight will help.

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