24 April 2009

I know I'm being totally lame here

So I haven't really had a lot of time to write at night, but during the day I've been semibored so I've been logging my comments in an email and then sending them home at night. Aren't you excited? It's like an inside look in my brain. Scary, I know.

So here's todays - not much going on in my head today. Which is a total lie - there was too much to write so you're only getting a few bits:

KC is dangerous to hang out with. You think I'm warped and twisted? Hell, no. This girl can turn any conversation around and her giggle is just infectious so you end up laughing too and then looking like you're a perv when really it's all her! Of course the funny thing is that she tries to tell people that it's me but they don't believe her! Yes, I am an angel. :)

I'm feeling very patriotic right now, but I can't talk about it.

I hate being the supply girl. It sucks. It's a pain in the ass to try to keep track of all my orders from my 9 different sections ordering items. I really need to come out and go through my email so I can sort things better. I lose requests in my inbox. :(

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