15 April 2009

Is it sacreligious to call God a "little thing"?

I was thinking on the way home today how it's the little things that make me feel whole. Little things like hugs, smiles, forgotten purchases that arrive in the mail, kisses, etc. Of course, as I thought this I was walking out of church after our Adult Class tonight.

We're discussing "The Freedom of a Christian" by Martin Luther the next few weeks. It'll turn into a big discussion on Free Will, but tonight was just getting the basics of Luther's theology down so people could understand it. And a lot of what we talked about was how our faith has a lot of tension in it - saint and sinner at the same time, God and Man at the same time (JC, that is), etc.

I'm not going to go into theology tonight. I just want to say that it's the little things that count. Going to this class tonight was such a little thing, but it filled me up, so to speak, with something I've been missing. It was good. Hugs do that for me too. And God knows, I don't get enough of those these days.

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