23 April 2009

I can't have my cake and eat it too.

Must read link first: YAY! As one who hates celebrating birthdays in public, this is one of the best things I've seen in a long time. Down with the cupcakes and frosting!

I've been counting my calories, fat, protein, etc content again lately. I have a spreadsheet called "Return of the Foodie". Last summer I had one just called Foodie but I kind of lost interest in it after TCM in October. But I realized a couple weeks ago that my diet has been shit lately so I really need to keep better track of what I'm eating, when and why.

It's kind of a fun project, which I know seems odd, but I can write down what I ate and figure out what is best for me. Like this morning I had two pieces of toast with Smart Balance PB. Yum. It filled me up and was only 280 calories. And then my snack was hummus, wheat thins and some grapes: 285. Lunch was a kicker since KC and SBK and I went out to eat, but I guesstimated and while it was high, at least I know I'm not way over what I should be eating for the day. AND it helps me to stay accountable to what I'm eating. Yesterday I almost bought some Whoppers for the afternoon snack. But when I remembered I'd have to write it down and claim all those empty calories I held off. Yay me! :)

Of course, then I went out for pizza tonight and had two slices and I have no idea the numbers involved there. I really need to run tomorrow. :)

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Kat said...

I'll eat your darned cake!