02 April 2009

Best gifts ever...well at least today

Vacations are odd for me. I like to relax, don't get me wrong, but I don't do well if I don't have some sort of agenda or plan. It doesn't have to go perfect, but I need some sort of structure for my days.

So I woke at 4:56 this morning, but forced myself to stay in bed at least an hour so I wasn't totally going against that which is "vacation". I putzed around the apartment which was bad because I should have gotten a few things done, which I need to do now.

But then I went to the spa with SBK (once she showed up - she's a little brain fried with the wedding on Saturday so she went to the wrong place...whoops). I had a facial, which was nice. I haven't had one in a long time so it was kind of nice to lie there and be pampered. Although one note to the spa place: explain to people how the half robe works - that it's a tube top, not a shawl, so we don't feel like idiots when you come in and we have it draped around our necks like superwoman.

After the facial, I had a contour body wrap. I know Keith would hate me for this, but I really like these. It's nice to be exfoliated and then wrapped up with cellophane (Mr. Cellophane, shoulda been my name...) and told to like on a water bed that massages and warms for 45 minutes. It was so nice. And even if I don't lose inches, because it is hard to believe that that actually happens and stays, it felt so nice.

Once we were done and had dropped a load of cash, we ran a few errands waiting for KC to finish with her meeting at work. Then off to Johnny Carino's for lunch. I haven't been there in a very long time but it was much better than I remembered. I was starving and sucked down 2 huge iced teas, two bowls of salad (because SBK didn't want hers), half a panini (which I'm not a fan) and some fries. Oh and a few bites of tiramasu.

We needed to get KC a dress for Saturday though and luckily she's like a size 2 so it was easy to find her something. Then we ditched SBK and KC and I went to World Market for some fun, and then back to my place because KC wanted an insight to my weird world - which of course looks like a college dorm room because I was once again reminded that I haven't quite grown up yet.*

I am getting to the best gifts...hang on...

So I get home from my meeting tonight (which I'll write more about in another post because this one is already getting too long) and I had a comment on yesterday's post from the ever-fabulous Karen. She found me Diet Coke with Splenda!!!! This is the best gift EVER! I'm so excited!

Okay...so this seems lame, I know, but my town has been out of it for over a year, so I was getting it in the Cities when I went. Well, last June 1 I got 2 12-packs, went back a week later and they no longer stocked it. So then I picked some up in Wisconsin when I was visiting there...I haven't been there in a long time.

Last November, I was on the western side of the state and found it. I was so excited, so I bought out the shelf that night, went back two nights later, bought the shelf out again. And then I hired my friend who actually travels back and forth to there more often than I do, to pick it up for me. He came back last month and they were out of it again.

So Karen, wherever you found this...please tell them that you'll be buying it from them for me...and then tell me where it is so I can tell Dean... And I just realized you said you're coming back in May... is that for good?????

Okay...the other best gift is that I have a date for SBK's wedding now. Thank God. I'm honestly really surprised about this, but I'm excited too. Now I have to make sure I look damn hot.

*KC didn't tell me that, but I'm always painfully aware of what my apartment looks like when people who actually have houses come to visit. And it makes me sad.

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