01 March 2009

A nice start to a new month

Today's sermon focused on change. The simple truth of life is that people hate change, and yet, also in truth, change happens every day. As Baptized Christians we were forever changed the moment the water touched us and we were blessed.

One moment struck me during the sermon when BigO said that we need to (paraphrasing here) suck it up and realize that the evil and crap that has happened and continues to happen is because of us. It's not that we don't do things to help improve the world, but because we're here it's also a mess.

But we can continue to strive for change, when we wake up each morning and realize that we are sinners but we have another opportunity to make life and ourselves better. We have to ask and attempt - it's what we can do.

The sermon was really good. I was tempted to stay for the second service so I could hear it again, but I might just email BigO and see if I can get a copy.

After church my friends parents (from high school) were there. JK came up to me and gave me a big hug (again - I got hugs before church from them too) and she said, "I have to tell you, Moe, you look especially beautiful today! Have you lost weight?"

In truth, I have been losing...not great amounts but a little bit at a time, which is nice, but being the realist (or pessimist) that I am I'm not holding my breath that it'll stay off. But I said thank you and that I'm working on it.

It was so sweet to hear that though. I don't get compliments very often, which is to be expected since I spend 80% of my life in a uniform that is NOT flattering at all. So JK made my day start off really well.

On another note, I'm trying to figure out what my Lenten discipline will be this year. Yeah, I know I should have had this figured out by now, but I'm still not quite there. The bad thing is the entire month of Lent is during my prep time for our inspection and there's no way I'll be able to do the traditional "giving up" of something. I'll need my vices in a bad way this month to stay sane. But I can try to do some "giving" instead. I just need to figure out the best thing to do.

Anyway, I need to do some training for work. What fun for a Sunday. :)

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