28 February 2009


I love when I can be super productive, yet simple, and everything works out great.

Tonight was a couple's wedding shower for my friend SB and her soon-to-be hubby DK. Her sister and I used to work together years ago when I worked the deli at a local grocery store and she worked the bakery. We had a lot of fun those days. But SB is getting married in 5 weeks so tonight was one of many showers.

I, of course, totally spaced on getting her a gift until today, and then it had to be something for both her and D. So off to Target I go. I had looked at their gift register earlier so I had a couple ideas, but when I got there and saw the madhouse that is Target on a Saturday afternoon, I went into focused mode.

Off to kitchenwares I headed. I ended up picking them up the jumbo muffin pan, brownie pan and mini loaf pans they wanted. While I was doing that I remembered I had two mixes I had gotten for Christmas from someone from Tastefully Simple. One was for a brownie mix, the other a pound cake. As Boss1 would say, "Perfect."

So my plan was hatched. I picked up a neutral gift bag (reusable that way), some tissue paper, a car and checked out. Darwin helped me today. He's so great. A little quirky but a great cashier.

I headed home and packed up my gift. This thing got really heavy - two pans, mini loaf pans, two mixes and then to balance it out I also gave her a set of the Envirosax bags I had in my closet (an essential for any household - my opinion only). D didn't quite know what to think of those when he pulled those out, but I explained to S later so she understood - and loved them, of course.

Anyway, all that took less than 45 minutes - and that's with getting dressed, driving time and stopping for Taco Bell on the way home. I'm so good.

The party tonight was fun. We did wine and beer testing with score sheets. The wine testing was a blind taste test of 6 flights. Funny enough, the first wine scored the highest of everyone's - and it was from a box. Uh...are we white trash or what? :) The beers weren't blind tests - we knew what we were tasting. Apparently a lot of people here hadn't tried Leinenkugel's, which seemed odd to me until I remembered that I drank that mostly when I lived in the cities because it's a Wisconsin beer so it was highly popular there. The bad thing was there wasn't a Guinness to try, but they did have Smithwicks (Smiddick's). That was decent, though I'm still a Guinness girl to heart.

I'm tired now, and need some sleep though. Tomorrow is my only day off til the 9th, so I need to get some things accomplished. Happy February and welcome to March!

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