10 February 2009

Baby day

I'm kind of glad I worked late so much last week because when I took 90 minutes for lunch and then had another hour of baby time today, I really didn't feel guilty. (Of course, I still worked until 7:30 tonight anyway).

KC brought her baby in today. He's only 2 weeks old but he's so cute. SBK and I met KC for lunch and then KC came back to work to do some paperwork. SCB (her boy) is so adorable.

Don't worry folks...I'm not getting baby fever yet, but it was fun to hold a little itty bitty thing once again.

Then LD said his wife was bringing in their one-month old. ALD (their boy) is also really cute and you can totally tell he's LD's son. They look just alike. So funny. He was cute but a little fussy. He was hungry though so I'm sure it's not me. :)

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