14 February 2009

Singing in the rain or Hug it out

I'm kind of missing my days in the choirs.

Tonight I went to hear the National Lutheran Choir, in which three of my friends sing. It's such an incredible choir - so talented and such great music. I miss the days of singing in choirs like that. It's been a long time.

The good thing is that KC started our little quartet through work, and while I love singing the National Anthem, I really want to increase our repertoire and see if we can't find some other gigs somewhere.

The fun part was getting to see my friends tonight. Hugs! I got hugs!!! I miss hugs. And Bekah stroked my ego a little by telling me how gorgeous I look now. Of course she knew me during my ID days when I had short short hair and crappy glasses. Now the hair is longer and I'm back in contacts. I think I'm also happier now, which makes a big difference.

But the hugs... Oh the hugs. I just don't get enough of those here. I miss greeting my friends daily when we'd get hugs. If you looked like you were having a sad day, you got a hug. If you were celebrating something, you got a hug.

Here, these days, I'm lucky if I get a hug. I need more hugs.

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