02 February 2009

Fun Monday

Another Fun Monday has arrived and this week it is being hosted by The Lurchers.

This week's assignment is: firstly tell me what book you are reading now. What's it about? Are you enjoying it and why? If not, why not?

And secondly, if you were to be stranded on a desert island, what one book would you take with you.

Okay so:
First: one of the books I'm currently reading is Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit by Daniel Quinn.

I'm still early into it but it's about an unusual teacher and the wisdom he has to pass on to others, specifically one student he advertises to have. It's very deep but interesting. I am enjoying it though I had started it once last summer, and then bailed. I found it again after talking with someone who had read the follow-up books and loved those.

Second: This is a very tough question. The seminarian in me says I should bring the Bible. But the secular girl in me wants to bring The Brothers K by David James Duncan. I don't know that there is really one book that could surpass it all.


Sarah said...

such tough questions for a Monday morning!

It's sad but I didn't even think about bringing the Bible. Does that make me a horrible person?

Part of me would want to bring a book that I haven't read yet. Does a series count? I really want to read the Twilight series right now but the other part of me would bring the Harry Potter series. I think I could read those over and over.

~moe~ said...

Yeah, and I've had since last Tuesday to think on it. Uffda.

No, it's not sad. I've played that game before and usually the PC answer is to bring the Bible. And while I agree, I also feel like I have enough faith that I could maybe survive without it. Plus The Brothers K has a lot of faith and religion in it, as well as baseball. :)

Pamela said...

I totally understand the quandary over the book for the Island. I thought about the Bible, too -- and then went with my humorous choice instead.

Laughing at your comment about "since last Tuesday"

Why do we put things off until the last minute. Was it because you were reading? ha ha

ps. my word verification was lazaterc - and I think it the word lazy may be the reason I waited until 1 am this morning.

~moe~ said...

Pamela - I actually started my post last Tuesday so I'd have it in my drafts and not forget about FM like I did last week until 10pm. But I didn't finish it until this morning. I'm the queen of procrastinators.

I love the random word verifs that come up. Some are so poignant.

Jan said...

Two good books to include. I haven't read either.

koehmstedt said...

I haven't read either of those books but maybe I'll pick me up a copy.

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

The Daniel Quinn book sounds interesting. I shall go and look that one up!

Hootin' Anni said...

Sounds like a book I may be interested in.

Thanks for stopping by today.

The Church Lady said...

I have heard of this book, Ishmael. I just may have to look into it. I agree with you on having the Bible with you on a desert island, as it contains many books within.

Sandy said...

The Brothers K, eh? I'll have to give it a read.


Simone said...

I haven't heard of any of the books/authors you mentioned, but that's okay.
This Fun Monday task wouldn't have been nearly as much fun if all the participants had written about books I've already read or know something about.

Molly said...

Hi Moe,
I was interested in your response about the desert island. I too selected a book other than the Bible. Your current read does seem intriguing. We probably all are in an adventure of mind and spirit...or at least we couold be.

Faye said...

I know what you mean about a book not being right for a particular frame of mind, Moe. And then, how easy to go back to it later on and love it. This is a great topic. I'm getting together a reading list from everyone. We all have such different tastes in reading.

I got my Fun Monday post up rather late yesterday--DSL problems. Stop by if you have time.

Kat said...

I LOVED THe Brothers K and have all his books!

min said...

I thought about the Bible too, because I always get something new out of it, but also wanted something entertaining. This got me all confused, so I didn't even address that portion of the assignment.

Killi said...

I took ONE........................... library with me! My pups aren't talking to me after a pile of books landed on them when I let the cat in through my bedroom window

Baritonality said...

I instantly thought the Bible, but then realized that I don't read it now, so why would I read it then. I would just bring a notebook. That way I would create the stories (lot's of pens too!).

Anyway, I am reading "Inside Out: Worship in an Age of Mission." It's a collection of essays on worship and mission. I'm reading Teig's essay on Baptism being missional. I should have read it 3 years ago when the essay was assigned, but I did not.