10 February 2009


Sometimes my timing just sucks. I trip a lot. I fall down. I'm slow. I'm a day behind. I missed an opportunity.

So a friend of mine and I have been emailing back and forth for awhile. We live several hours apart so this is basically our way of communicating. In our conversations as of late something more, deeper, well more was developing. I was really excited about this. He is just a great guy and we share a lot of the same interests - well, not exactly the same, but we complement each other really well.

We were going to meet up next weekend and I think we were both looking forward to it and seeing what might come of the encounter. Well, he went to Wisconsin to visit some friends this weekend and met someone - they really hit it off. He wants to see how that will develop with her and, as he was looking to move anyway, he's now planning to move back there.

I'm kind of sad about this. I was really hoping this could be something great, but now at least for the time being, it isn't an option. So I'm left with a friend. And while a friend is great, and he is great, I'm sad it won't be anything more.

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