24 February 2009

It's funny...

I had dinner with a friend tonight. As we were going to my apartment my friend stopped me and said, "Are you okay? You seem a bit down?"

No, I wasn't down. I was excited. I was getting to have people over to my apartment and cook. I never do that! The bad thing was the apple pie crust was a little browner than it should have been, the dinner rolls didn't turn out that well (I really need a good bread recipe that doesn't require a breadmaker...does anyone have one?), and I had poked my finger with my really sharp knife.

Things weren't going as planned.

But the night was fun. We listened to jazz and a weird mix of random music I have and even a little of Verdi's Requiem. *sigh*. Life is good.

I need to go to bed now though. Morning comes early these days.


sconniebaby said...

Sconniebaby says "Verdi's Requiem makes you happy", you are a weird Godmom. But I love you anyways, come see me soon!!!

~moe~ said...

Yea, Nika. I know I'm weird. But trust me, the Dies Irae rocks.

Anonymous said...

I will try to send you my french bread, oatmeal bread, and homemade refrigerator roll recipes...they were our die hard bread recipes before we had to go gluten free...and I am still discovering how to make these recipes gluten free....Blessings my friend! E