17 February 2009

Shredding the day away

I've been cleaning all day. It's crazy. I'm still not done, though I'm closer than I expected to be - well, no. I really hoped I'd be finished by now but when the older-older brother calls and wants to talk, he takes precedence. And he talked for almost 2 hours. Sheesh. I guess he missed me. :)

So I have been shredding one of my ex's away today. It's been really refreshing to just purge my life of that. Not that he didn't have an impact on me, because he did, but it's really time for me to move on and forward. I can't keep living with the thought that maybe he'll come back or whatever, because I know he won't. And I have other options, better options so I need to be able to look at them objectively without worrying about where my head is.

And my cleaning is coming along nicely. My bathroom is super clean, I almost don't want to use it, but I'll have to for dinner tomorrow night. It's just my living room that's the ultimate mess right now. I really should try to get this in order before I crash for the night. Yeah, I'm going to do that and then hit the hey. I hope everyone is having a great day. I'm back to work tomorrow. I can't wait!


Kat said...

You have dinner in your bathroom? ;-)

~moe~ said...

OH goodness...well done, moe. Is that one of those dangling participle things that I never figured out? hahahaha...

No, I'm having dinner with someone tonight so I'll have to use the bathroom to get ready for said dinner. :)

Nice catch, Kat. haha