20 February 2009

Loving' my job

Disclaimer: This was written during work on Friday, don't tell my boss, but I didn't get a chance to post it yesterday. Sorry.

I'm loving my job right now. Most people, if not all, whom I work with are not feeling this way right now. We have a big inspection coming up and so people are frantic to make sure they are in compliance with everything required.

For me, this is awesome because it's crunch time and so I'm constantly on edge to get things done. I'm the first to admit I work better under pressure. When the bosses are away, I tend to stray and play. It's a bad habit, but I work better when there is strong energy flowing through the corner offices.

But right now because of everything else, I'm totally pumped and getting things accomplished. I love this. My job is finally coming together, it seems.

Now if I can just get out of the stupid meetings that take up two hours of my time for things I've already accomplished.... yeah, that'd be really awesome.

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