01 February 2009

Helluva Game

I'm the first to admit that I don't follow NFL religiously. In fact, when asked my favorite team, I always answer, "Well, I was a Cowboy fan until they fired Tom Landry. Now I just enjoy the game without getting into any specific team."

Truly I love the game. I love the intensity, the sportsmanship, the abilities required to compete on such a level. I don't like the money of it all.

But today, the day of the Super Bowl (which apparently is a new holiday since one of the local restaurants closed at 3 so they'd could all be home to watch it), this is a different story. Today two teams faced each other - two teams which were incredible today.

I don't know how evenly matched they were, because I haven't followed them all year. But knowing the Cardinals were the underdogs and the Steelers have been phenomenal, I knew it'd be an interesting game.

So I actually watched, and not just for the commercials. And what a game it was! So many penalties, so many yards, so many incredible plays. I'd try to describe it but I know I won't do it justice.

I will just say this: Today's game gave me hope, and maybe I will begin to follow the NFL again. I just need to find a team worthy of my support.

Until then - it's time for BASEBALL! YAY!!


Kat said...

You're cute. I never have followed - or even really understood- football. I love the parties though. Lucky for me, my husband isn't into the NFL either, he's sort of a CFL snob & only watches Canadian football.

Sarah said...

The game WAS awesome.. and it was even better on our new "42 inch flat screen tv. The stars aligned and Eric got his tv that he has been drooling over for the last year.

I also find it hilarious that you took a picture of your supper. You crack me up!