05 February 2009

Getting there

Today was a better day, despite the fact I forgot breakfast so I had cookies from the vending machine instead. Sheesh. I got a few more things done...not everything I need to get done but I'm closer.

I also got a run in today, which helped though it hurt since I haven't ran since Sunday and I was running on a very flat surface. I think I need different shoes for that...my shins really hurt tonight. I'm sure that will be better soon and would have been okay if I had been running.

I just couldn't not go out today. It was so beautiful. And it should be nice the next few days. I'm excited for that.

On another note, but something just as exciting: here's a link to something that is near and dear to my heart. After you watch it, there are some other options to see more if you're interested.

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