16 February 2009

No respect today...just massages

I had a great day today. It started with sleeping in, then listening to Ian while getting ready for the day. I called up Sarah to see if she needed anything from Caribou and then swung by the old stomping grounds to deliver her mint latte and see who I would see.

I ended up running into John, Kris, Victoria, Aaron, Jen, Ron, PDub, and Justin - oh, Justin. I haven't seen these folks in forever. It was so fun to do a quick catch up with them. I really didn't expect many people to even know me. I've been gone so long that the class that's graduating this year is probably the last one I would know. Oh well.

After that I went to see Keith so he could fix me (as best as he could since I'm a hopeless case). He asked how I was doing so he could know what to work on and I just said, "I hurt!" He laughed because I had such a pained expression on my face.

So two and a half hours later I'm as good as new. It was really amazing how messed up my body was. I have to see him more often. This two-month hiatus hurt. Truly, hurt.

I had dinner with mom tonight. That was interesting. I think she really wants to move out of our house - the homestead we've had since '73 - but she hesitates with all the memories that are there with her and dad and the family. I can understand not wanting to leave that but, like I told her, the memories will still live, and it's not like you didn't love him or don't still - but it's been 15 years, and maybe it's time to move on. I don't know. I don't want her to stay here and be unhappy if she can be happy elsewhere. I just don't know that she knows what she wants.

But dinner was nice and we're planning to go to a play on Thursday so I'll see her again then.

Now I need to start cleaning so I have to finish it tomorrow. It's one of those tricks I play on myself. If I start the project at night and then sleep, when I get up in the morning I'll have to finish it because it'll drive me insane until I do...especially something as big as a semi-spring cleaning.

So here I go!


Jill Will Run said...

I've never had a 2.5 hour massage... your comment to me made me VERY jealous. I've only had 1 hour massages, but I'm thinking that maybe I need to give myself the splurge of a longer massage. Sounds wonderful!

Karen Elizabeth said...

I'm signed up for the Irishman, as is Jen K. YAY! I signed my dad up, but he broke his ankle last friday. So, even though he's having surgery on it tomorrow, umm, he's still not running. Sad. Anywho, glad you had a good trip to the Lutheran Mecca.