04 February 2009

I need one more day

Okay, now I'm struggling with my stupid state wanting to pull funding for the Arts, a continual dry eye problem as of late, and still lack of motivation to do all the crap I have to do.

The latter is bad because I'm at the point where I have SO much to do that I'm so overwhelmed that I just don't want to do any of it and then it piles up and up and up.

The middle is the problem because I've been spending so much time on Facebook at night that my eyes are drying out on a regular basis. And my obsession with the Internet because of FB has me trying to surf during the day at work and that's not helping the previous paragraph or this one.

So I'm logging off tonight and I'm going to read. And tomorrow I'm going to check email once in the morning and then I'm shutting off my computer for a few hours so I can do my filing.

I need a break.

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