06 February 2009

Poopy day

Very quickly, because I should be in bed right now because it's super late and I need sleep so I can get up early because tomorrow is going to be a long day...

Today was the epitome of highs and lows.

Some Highs:
- Spent actual pleasurable time with mom tonight - we were able to talk and converse without me wanting to pull my hair out. Amazing.
- I got some fun texts from some fun people - not that I'm a fan of texting but these were fun.
- I hung up my two new artwork pieces by Brian Andreas. (I picked, Almost New Age and Before Dawn).
- JPM emailed me! YAY!
- I found someone else who knows about Red Dwarf.
- People ate the cookies I made even though they were not my best work.

Some Lows:
- Got an email this morning from my dear friend Sean stating a girl we knew at seminary had taken her own life Wednesday night.
- Got another email from my dear friend Kevin who had spent Tuesday evening with that very girl.
- Had to clean stuck poop out of the toilet at work because a) people don't eat enough fiber and b) our toilets don't flush worth a damn
- Had to attend a last minute vital meeting this afternoon that added more letters behind my name and I don't even have a doctorate.
- Missed supper for the second night in a row because I had to work late.
- Missed Monk and Psych because I had to work late and had to get a skirt pinned for hemming. (Not a big low because I'll watch tomorrow or Sunday)
- I had to get a skirt pinned to be hemmed.
- Did I mention the skirt? I hate skirts. And it's required for work for next week.
- Skirt.

Okay...I must to bed. Morning comes damn early on the weekends.

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Kat said...

Red Dwarf? As in Grant Naylor? As in Omnibus, Better than Life, Primordial Soup, etc?