03 March 2009

Random thoughts today

So today will be random posts from throughout the day.

Math - we use it every day

I woke up with this joke in my head: Why was six afraid of seven? Because, seven eight nine!
Lame, I know. But that was in my head. And then I realized that today is Square Root Day! So my math tendencies must have been in full force throughout the night.

Card Sharp
We have an ID card thing on base...you're not supposed to go anywhere without it, and you're really not supposed to leave it in your computer when you leave your computer area. Boss1 went to the printer this morning and I followed behind him (this is like 10 steps outside our doors). So I said, "Should I go take your ID card for you, sir?" He said, "Doh! But wait, I'm with in the sightline of it." Okay sure. Anyway, about 10 minutes later he was standing outside my door and I looked up and he walked in like he had something to say, but instead just pulled his hand from behind his back and flipped out his ID card. :) Funny.

Okay that probably wasn't that funny to y'all but it was hilarious to me. :) I am easily amused though.

As of 11:08 I am bossless today. YAY! Oh, wait, Boss4 may still be around. Hmmm. Well, no matter - he and I don't work that closely. Boss1 is in meetings, Boss2 is on a road trip, and Boss3 is at a training. This afternoon MUST be productive!!

Dammit Jim, as of 1:34 now I have Boss2 back. Shoot. Here I thought it'd be quiet all afternoon. Not that that's a good thing since I'm usually unmotivated anyway. Must.get.work.done.

Too much reading

So my running partner loaned me the coveted book, "he's just not that into you." This is a great book...for those who aren't dating or are on the verge of trying to figure out what the hell is going on in the mind of a guy they've been out with recently. This is not a good book for someone who's semi-In a Relationship because it just confuses the issue more. That's just my opinion though. I'm no expert...obviously. I mean I'm no Greg.

Baking time
Tomorrow are two of the higher ups birthday's - well, actually one is tomorrow, the other is Thursday, so I need to make cookies tonight. I was "taking a poll" last week to find out their preferences - cookies, cupcakes or pie - because I discovered Boss1 and Boss3 like pie. These other two like cookies, so that's what we're having. I should stay late and work tonight, but I think I'm going to go home and bake and try to get back in a work mode in my head. I have not been doing well. Too many other things on my mind lately. :(

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Sarah said...

I love that joke! And it totally made me smile today. Thanks!

Hope you have a great day! We miss you.