03 March 2009

Friends' quotes today

I went into Boss2's office to find out his schedule for next week. He opens his planner and tries to turn to the specific page and says, "The pages won't turn to that day. The pages are stuck together!" I said, "Chandler!" He didn't get it.

Tonight, my SIL and I had a IM regarding my oldest nephew who was really screwing up (to which I IM'd him and talked with him and suggested a tactic so he wouldn't get yelled at again) and at the end of our conversation she said, "Thanks for cheering me up." She was very stressed so I said, "I helped!" She didn't get that one either.

Where are Sallie and Sarah when I need them???


Sarah said...

You and your friends quotes! I love how your brain works in friends episodes.

MikeW said...

I got both of those if that makes you feel better. So how the hell are you?

~moe~ said...

I miss you Mikey. :) How are you?

And yes, it does make me feel better. Thanks.