23 March 2009

Cooking experiments

So I'm attempting lasagna tonight for the first time ever. I have it in the oven now but I'm a little worried about it. It doesn't seem to have the kick I was hoping it would have. Of course, I added garlic, but forgot onions. And it's a recipe off the Ronzoni box so it's a little healthier than most, which is probably part of the problem. Plus I'm using ground beef instead of Italian sausage. I don't know...we'll see how it turns out.

My dinner date was supposed to be here tonight, but due to a meeting I'm going there. I really need to get something to help me transport food. I just taped up a box from an art print I bought to hold my 9x13 pan. um...hello! Oh well, it's a short trip.

Maybe it needed more garlic. hmmm

It's raining here today. I like the rain. Of course, this is actually a bad thing where I live. Up north they are sandbagging and other places are worried about flooding. Not good so early in the year. I hate when we get so much water now and then in June/July/August we'll be dry as a bone and almost drought stages. I wish there was a way we could hoard up all this water, save it in a big tupperware dish and use it later. But I suppose that's just silly.

I probably should have used ricotta instead of cottage cheese but the cheapo grocery store didn't have ricotta. Dammit.

I went into work today for a little bit, only 5 hours. I should have stayed longer but I just didn't want to. I know I'll regret it the next couple days, but last week I worked almost 7 hours on Monday, plus long hours the rest of the week and by Friday I was ready to kill people or cry...it was a toss up for whatever particular moment I was in. So I got some of my stuff done I needed to, and then I ran errands. I got groceries and bought myself flowers (of course I could have gotten them for free if I had bought two packages of steak - yeah, like I eat that much steak in a year). The flowers are pretty. I'm glad I did that for me. :)

Okay, I need to get changed and ready for dinner. Hopefully it'll be okay. Cross your fingers!

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Kat said...

Hope everything was good.