16 March 2009

...for a hamburger today

It feels like Tuesday to me. I'm not sure why, other than I went into work today and stayed until almost normal quitting time. So that might be it.

I don't know. I've felt off today. I'm sure part of it was going to work, part of it was giving up my car to my mother for a few days (hers is in the shop), part of it was just feeling off. I don't know.

It's beautiful here today. It's still 60+ degrees out. I have my windows open and I'm loving the fresh air. I ran home from work, as will be the norm this week til I get my car back and maybe even beyond that, and my legs were so stiff. I think it was because I wore shorts for the first time since Oct. 10 so my legs were shocked to have Vitamin D shining down on them and being unsupported by running tights. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

It's crunch time at work and this week is going to suck. I need a hug.

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