11 March 2009


Lord knows I'm not a very spontaneous person. I like my schedules. I like my routines. I like my calendar and knowing what's coming next. But sometimes spontaneity is a very good thing.

Take this week for instance. Monday night I was at a friends house for dinner with his college friend. As the three of us bantered we decided we'd get together on Tuesday as well. I said sure without even thinking twice about my calendar. But then my friend also volunteered that I'd bring pie. (I don't think he thought I'd actually take him seriously though).

So Tuesday AM I got up, made the pie crust and put it in the refrigerator to chill during the day. I decided when I got to work that I'd leave an hour early so I could get home and make the pie. I did, made the pie and went down to my friends again. It was great!

Tonight I'm sitting at work, planning to work late so I could get a few projects done when the lovely Karen calls and asks if I'm free for dinner. Abso-freakin-lutely! I haven't seen Karen in forever so this was an awesome idea. I ran home to change, picked her up and we had a great night talking and catching up.

I haven't been home, in my apartment, where I could actually do things since Sunday, but Sunday I wasn't functional after the long shitty week. Last week I worked late every night but Tuesday when I came home and made cookies for the boss's birthdays. I have not had a quiet night in a very long time.

Tomorrow night, I'm back on schedule. I'm running. This is a very good thing. Friday night I'm going out with a friend for their birthday. And I think Saturday I will finally be able to relax for awhile. It's almost scary to think about...I'll have time to think. wow.

For now, off to bed for me. I'm 23 minutes late.

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