04 March 2009

Holy crap, what a day.

It's probably not a good sign to start the day pulling out of the Starbucks drive thru and have your boss wave at you as he drives to work.


Now, I know I have a very distinctive car, but that was just ridiculous. Oh well. I followed him in which usually gets the guys at the door a conversation starter - "How early do you start work with Boss1?"

But we both walked in and almost literally hit the ground running. We had 3 meetings this morning in one building, then he had two in his office, which turned into 5 with people standing in line waiting. I finally got out of there for lunch at 12:40 (five minutes to meet my lunch date). He still had two phone calls to make, which didn't get him out of there until after 1.

I know we work 10 hour days and all, so late lunches aren't too big of a deal, but this was awful. I went for Mexican and ended up cleaning up LVS's plate too. (He left his lettuce) and I came back and had some Twizzlers. The day was so intense I was starving.

The rest of the day just killed. Thing after thing after thing. I finally went to a colleague's office at 5 and whispered, "So if I happened to walk down here at close with a Diet Coke in hand, do you think some rum or crown could find it's way inside it?" And it did. Thank goodness.

I still stayed at work til 7, but I'm nowhere near getting what I need finished finished. So tomorrow when Boss1 is at his meetings from 8-12, I'm shutting my door and am going to work without interruption. I can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

Yup, I'm still alive!