18 March 2009

This is how my mind wanders when I work too long and I'm super tired

Comfort Food week...month
I have had such a need/desire for comfort food lately. It's awful, mostly because my comfort food is all carb related and God knows I don't need anymore carbs in my life - especially those like popcorn, Girl Scout cookies, whoppers (oh wait that's just sugar), cookies, cake, pie (though at least I'm getting some fruit then), etc. It's bad. I kind of miss my days of eating tuna or chicken for breakfast and cheese for a snack. But it just doesn't satisfy like popcorn does these days. It's a darn good thing I'm running as much as I am right now, or this could be very detrimental to my health. :)


Boss3 - Well I'm gonna go make some noise.
Me - That's great! It's been awhile since you've been up.
Boss3 - Yes, it has.

Now granted, we were talking about flying, but when overheard it really doesn't sound like that, especially with the snickering afterward and my realization of "that's so wrong".

It's funny
I don't know why I stay late at work. I'm so much more of a morning person. The problem is we already start early in the morning so I'm already here. I just need to shut my door so people leave me alone, but I'm not allowed to do that, so I stay late. But I'm not motivated or awake right now, yet here I sit working. What the hell.

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