30 November 2006

Last day, I'm sad

Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo and I must say this has been really great. I’ve read a few others today who have found this to be a great experience, others are thankful it’s over, and me…I’m really happy I did this.

There is this thing about discipline and being focused on the tasks you set for yourself. Mine this month was to see if I could actually blog everyday. Could I find something to write about or at least a picture to post? I’ve actually found I’ve had more fodder (blog-fodder, that is, thanks Cate!) than I thought I would. At times I did post more than once. And once it was a race for the finish line, just so I could make sure I got in on the day.

Of course, many of my posts may not have appealed to the masses, Catholic or otherwise, but they were me. And being able to journal, as it were, for an entire month, each day has been a great experience.

It’s interesting to look back on previous posts. I was even looking back to last January and seeing movies I watched or books I read that I don’t readily recall. I know that in the future as I look back on this month and see an entry for every day will be a great joy.

So my hope is to be able to continue this practice. I’m not going to go barreling into work if I haven’t written for the day, but I am going to make it a practice. This has been very good for me.

AND on top of all that, it has allowed me to discover some great writers out there in the world.
So thank you M. Kennedy for starting NaBloPoMo. This has been a joy.


Cate Ross said...

I know how it feels. I'm sorry I won't have the kick in the...pants...to keep me going everyday from here on out. Plus, what about all those bloggers I can't live without? When they stop posting daily, what will we do?

Cate Ross said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention: http://writewizely.blogspot.com/ has made a NaBloPoMo winner button--go get one. you deserve it!