14 August 2006

It's time to think

“grace defies reason and logic. love interrupts, if you like, the consequences of your actions, which in my case is very good news indeed, because I've done a lot of stupid stuff.”

This quote is from an interview from this book.

My super smart friend K just finished the book and had a few quotes on her blog. Wow. This is amazing. It’s so true. Grace does defy reason and logic. There’s no reason for God’s grace. It’s just there. what a blessing.


This weekend was pretty quiet. I watched a lot of CSI and Numb3rs*and then watched “Good night, and good luck” which was an awesome movie. Growing up I had always heard of the Senate vs. McCarthy hearings but never really knew or understood what it was about. Ed Murrow was not a household name, at least not in my house, but what he and Fred Friendly did is truly amazing. They stood up for what they believed and fought for the little guy, and essentially all of people of the USA. I wish journalism was still like that. They took a week and really hammered out all of the info, making sure their story was as accurate as they could be. Today things are just shot from the hip because everyone demands an explanation now. No, right NOW! So sad.

Our society has become a series of moments…sound bytes, if you will. I wonder if we’re lacking substance – in our workplace, in our recreation, in our homes. I’m sure the 50’s weren’t all glory and goodness like we see in the movies, but I know things were slower. There was more time to think. Sometimes we just don’t have time to think anymore.

And I want to think. So I ordered the Bono book from above and this one which was recommended to me by my friend Ian. And I am going to read these and the other books sitting on my floor and shut off the TV for awhile. I need to think


*See folks…I get on these kicks and I have to follow through until I get bored – this might be weeks, it might be days. One never knows.

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