23 August 2006

Mind readers

There a few people in this world with whom I truly feel like I connect. I have many acquaintances but few close friends, and the ones I do call friend often we seem to share a brain.

Not literally of course, since most of these few live very far away, but there are times when I’ll pick up the phone to call and it will ring with them calling me. Or when we are together we’ll say the same thing at the same time. Or we’ll email each other with the same question at the same moment. All very weird.

Well, this happened again recently. A couple months ago a friend and I were talking about books and he mentioned this one. Well, I hadn’t thought about it until recently and so I decided to buy it. Well, yesterday in the mail – what do I find? The book, of course, but sent not by the company where I buy my books, but from my friend. Last night we chatted for a bit and I had to laugh about it. I asked if he bought a copy for himself (he had lost his long ago) and he said no, so I said he could have the one I bought. He couldn’t believe I had bought it too. Crazy. Great minds think a like, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Great book. I hope you enjoy the read. Be sure to have your highlighter handy. It's one I refered to time and again when I was feeling stagnated in my career and life. Amazing stuff from the mind of a man in the 1930's. His ideas are still current today. Of course this is my simple opinion. Anyway;