03 August 2006

Disenchanted and feeling random

Last night I made my first ever cherry pie – and it exploded all over the pan. Well, it’s not bad, it just bubbled up and out on one side, splitting the top crust. Good thing I put the pie on top of a pizza pan first. Of course, I made the crust differently too, which probably didn’t help. This is what I get for taking 2 weeks off from making pie. Shame on me.

Oh well, I also made 3 tiny apple pies…as I have done before. They turned out really well and were quite yummy. I had one last night, and I’m eating one today for dessert. Mmm.

I need gum today. And I’m out. Oh wait! DG brought me gum. YAY!

But I got new plants today at the desk. Hopefully, they’ll get to stay. DG brought me a Bonsai and some pink peace lilies and another pink flowering plant I’m not sure the name of. They are really pretty, and I’m not a fan of pink but I love them! YAY! It’s so nice to have foliage again!

There’s a large crack in my windshield. :( This makes me very sad. Morty is only 19 months old, how can he have a crack already? Of course, he did get a chip within 2 weeks of his birth, so I guess it’s only understandable. I just don’t like rocks. I’ve had enough of rocks this week.

It’s running weekend again. Joy. Running is good. Sit-ups are good. Pushups are good. And the pie I will have afterward will be even better.

It’s beautiful and sunny and I’m feeling blah. What’s up with that? Strange.

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