17 August 2006

Hateful Jan*

So I’m sad. The Indians lost. Of course there were several factors that played against me:

  • I didn’t have my hat. My intention was to go to Hat World after work and buy one. Now although Hat World did have an Indians hat, it was a “one size fits most” which doesn’t fit me – too big. (no one can tell me I have a big head…hahaha) I did check other sports stores in the immediate area but only Twins and Yankees hats were to be found.** So alas, I had no hat.
  • Every game that MT and JB have gone to, the Twins have won. Not sure why, but they have. (is this why you haven’t gone to a Twins/Yankees game JB?)
  • I was surrounded by Midwestern Lutherans who only know the Twins to be the major league baseball team. Cheering for the Indians around them won me many daggered looks and death threats. And while I enjoy a good death threat as much as the next guy, I would like to go back to SD someday to see my friends and family again.

So there you have it. The Indians lost. And it’s all my fault. I am toying with the idea of going to the game again today, sans MT and JB and see if my charm can’t help them win at least one against the Twinkies, but we’ll have to see.

*A line from my youth. It works here though.

** I think I should write a letter to the editor of the Strib: Twin Cities not diverse. If you’re going to claim yourself as Hat World, Champs Sports or Footlocker or Sports Authority – shouldn’t you carry ALL the major league sports teams, not just the Minnesota ones? We are cities made up of transplants – do you really think all the transplants are Minnesota team supporters?

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