11 August 2006

Just a walk in the park...

There’s nothing like a night of CSI and apple pie (#6!) to make a girl smile. Well, that and new, on sale for $10, crop, track pants. Oh and purple bandanas. Oh and making plans with A1 for tonight. Woohoo!

Okay…so in all seriousness, I am feeling better. I’ve decided not to let the bully (i.e. my negativity and other’s negativity) land me on my ass. Change happens for a reason. There is chaos during the change process but that’s what life is all about. It’s how you handle the chaos that makes the difference. There is good in everything, and finding and holding on to the good will get you through the icky parts.

So that’s what I’m going to do. While I am still confused on some of the issues, my plan is to confront those and find out why and how this is happening. Then I can intelligently deal with the situation, as best as this non-intelligent girl can do. I think a lot of my comments this week have been based on emotions – the suddenness of the change, the lack of information, the unclear outcome of what is in store – and I need to focus more on how to make it work in my life – either by jumping in with both feet if that would be the best option, testing the waters with my toes, or stepping away from the river.

How’s that for completely confusing? Sorry folks. I can’t go into detail here, but I am working through it. I thank all of you for your happy thoughts sent my way. I’m on the upswing on the see-saw again. This time the bully will land on his ass as I jump off and head for the swings.

And truly – It’s all about the CSI and pie. :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear that you are not going to let your foggy future get you down. All my happy thoughts are coming via. direct to you. Anyway. I never did like the See Saw. I never had alot of faith in the rider of the other side. They probably felt the same of me. I think its more than just a piece of playground equipment. Its made for only trustworthy friends to sit on. I would sit on your see saw, and you can trust me for a soft landing. Good luck, I am praying for you. Sign me, ClueLess!