17 August 2006

The Indians win it! Omigod the Indians win it!

YAY! Apparently I just can’t be in the vicinity of the game…I can only watch online. But the Indians win it! WOOHOO!


Anonymous said...

The Twins are great hosts. They want to treat their guests with respect and want them to return to their home another time. If it takes a loss to remain great hosts, so be it. NOT! The Indians are a great team and deserved the "W". Remember what Custer's last word's were at Little Big Horn. 'Where in the HE double hockey stick did all these Indians come from'. Yeah I cleaned it up a bit, but the fact remain's. Never under-estimate the Cleveland Indians. WHAT! Da- Da -DA -da -da -da- putttttttt

Megan said...

It's only because the G Unit was not in attendance. We are truly their only hope. My poor Twinnies.