24 August 2006

Just let it out

Have y’all seen the commercial for Valleyfair! where the guy is in a small group and talking about “Bob’s tuna”? well here…try here (not sure if the link will work being it’s myspace and all). Anyway, I was doing this this morning. A few months ago we were asked to block out a room, move out the meetings/classes in that room to other rooms so the room would be open (make sense?). Well, today I find out via an email from an email from an email that the room isn’t needing to be blocked off anymore and we can move everything back that we had moved out. Fun, isn’t it? So I was doing “bob’s” scream today. But only briefly because then I just started to laugh at the sheer idiocy of it all. :) Life's great.


I hung out with A&K last night and 7 other close friends for a Project Runway party. The food and chatting was awesome – especially hanging out with A&K again. It had been awhile so it was great to see them again. And meeting new people is always fun. The show, I think Aaron said it best, that watching in concert was awesome but otherwise it would be one I would truly click past while channel surfing. But 10 people in a room yelling and laughing at the contestants on TV was quite fun. This is a weekly thing for this group and unfortunately next week would be the last time I could go (choir and all).

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