12 July 2006

OCD girl

Yes, I am obsessed with some things (mostly food, it seems): Mini Coopers, Old Dutch Cheese Popcorn, tgft, chicken, Lime Tostitos and of course baking with precision.
The precision is essential, because you (read: I) can’t promise the best chocolate chip cookies ever and then start messing with the recipe and making them taste different. Once you find that niche you must stick with it. I have accomplished the precision with these such cookies, as well as the PB crackles with Dark Chocolate kisses. Now, my obsession has turned to apple pie.

As you read earlier, I made my second ever apple pie on Saturday. The first was back in November and my third was last night. (Pictures to be posted once I get my throw-away developed) Pies can be finicky, especially if you’re making the crust yourself, which I am, because I just don’t like the taste of store bought crust and because I secretly strive to be Martha Stewart, but nicer. Besides I used store-bought for my mini-pies and they just didn’t turn out as well. (note to self: must try the mini pies again sometime soon) Last night’s pie turned out okay, except I had trouble rolling out the crust this time. I’m not sure why but I couldn’t get it to roll out. Grr. Plus once I did, I didn’t have enough to cover the pan and so I had to piecemeal it together. It worked and it tastes fine, but not quite like I’d like it to be.

So…of course that means I have to keep making apple pie until I can get the consistency right and have the precision with it that I want (i.e. being able to make it almost without thinking). Now I just need to find a handsome man to eat all these pies, because Lord knows, I can’t afford them on my hips. Anyway, anyone have any suggestions?


jillian said...

well, i'm not a handsome man, but i'd be happy to share a slice of apple pie with you anytime. it was TASTY on saturday and i'm still salivating from it!

~moe~ said...

I have more...if you want more...let me know! :)

Anonymous said...

I have to remain anonymous, but your pies sound tasty. If we did ever get together on this I will bring along the vanila ice creme. Or do you prefer cool whip? Anyway, it sounds like your a perfectionist with your baking. You keep giving Martha a run for her money and the right man will magically appear. Have fun in the kitchen and keep us posted on whats next.

~moe~ said...

Well, mr. anonymous. You sound intriguing...ice cream or cool whip, huh? I'm not sure if that would be good for the pie. I think you should have it plain...to be sure the taste isn't lost. Anyway, someday you'll have to reveal yourself to me. Until then, I'll just keep you and the three others who read this what I'm baking. :)