07 July 2006

Anyone have a Kleenex?

Vacations are good. They are revitalizing, rejuvenating and relaxing. Usually. But then the inevitable ‘return to work’ moment arrives and you can feel your body tense up with the thought of the pile of work waiting for you. The pile of work can be taken care of quite rapidly, only if you’re not sick on top of it all. And, unfortunately, I am sick.

Somehow over the space of my awesome weekend I caught a cold. It started Tuesday night with a sore throat – I thought that was just from the awful salt & vinegar Pringles (which apparently you can buy here), I ate on the way home, but it stayed through Wednesday and added sniffing, sneezing and aching, with the occasional cough. I ignored it, thinking it to be allergies, but no…it has stayed with me pounding through my head and filling Kleenexes as fast as I can grab them. It hasn't helped that the OCC is colder than Antarctica either. I took some NyQuil last night to help me sleep, which did help me sleep – right through my alarm! I slept well, except I feel worse today than I did yesterday. What is going on?!

Summer colds are the worst. I sit at my desk with the glorious picture windows in front of me showing the beautiful weather, the sun shining, the birds smacking into the windows, kids playing outside, and all I feel is miserable. Oh well…I’ll fight through the day and then go home, finish cleaning and go to bed early. That should help, right?

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Anonymous said...

Summer colds are the hardest to get through. Don't forget the chicken soup. Also get outside and let mother nature bring back life into your sore bones. Curl up on your favorite lawn chair with a good book, of course with your box of kleenex handy. Hope you feel better soon. ANYWAY!