02 May 2010

Look up

This month's NaBloPoMo theme is "Look Up". Not that I've signed up this month, or anything, but I do like the theme. Someday I will blog every day again. I miss writing.

But for now, I was thinking about the theme. Yesterday, we had a work party - a spring fiesta, if you will (or as I continued to call it - "Uno de Mayo") and KC and I did the planning.

We were thinking about a cookout, but let's face it, we cannot trust the weather in this state at all. So we opted for a Mexican themed party instead. We had a salsa contest and the winner got a big can of cheddar cheese (expired 2006) that we found in one of our breakroom cupboards; we had a jeopardy game to help the different sections get to know one another (we had a lot of fun making that one - the first question someone chose was "This person is considered the top dog" to which the answer was Boss1 or we would also accept Moe (me); and of course a pinata smashing contest.

KC made a sun and named him Miguel and we borrowed some goggles that were "fatal vision" goggles where they were warped to look like certain blood alcohol levels. Now the fact we already had quite a bit of alcohol before the pinata contest, I'm not sure we needed the goggles too.

The fun part was spinning folks slowly (so they wouldn't throw up) and then handing them the plunger handle and telling them to aim right in front of them. Finally Boss1 broke it down and the boys scrambled for the candy.

"Look Up" Definitely needed when hitting a pinata in a tree, and when you don't know where you should look or aim, it's tough.

That's kind of how I feel sometimes. I need to remember to look up more. I feel this need to fix me lately and I know I need to look up a bit more to get there. It's not that I don't now, but maybe a little bit more would help.

So I'm reading "Eat, Pray, Love" again. I only got through Italy the last time I started it, but I really want to read the whole thing (not because the movie is coming out). For one, I need a lighter book instead of my "How the way we talk can change the way we work" or "Tired of trying to measure up" books. And for two, it's just a good read. I need a break.

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Kat said...

Sounds like fun!
I'm about to start reading "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. Taking a break from Orson Scott Card.