09 May 2010


Everyone is asleep except MS and me. Well, basically that's Nika and K because E had to go on an unexpected trip. So we're watching Superman and I thought I'd write.

We're in Sconnie which is always a good time. I thought it would be fun to introduce MS to the world of cheese and beer and enjoy some time with my adorable Goddaughter. I have a lot of pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet.

It's been a great trip. We got in Friday night and relaxed over some kabobs. Saturday we went to the Domes in Milwaukee and had a little road trip (complete with a sideroad tour and some accidents and traffic to work around). We ate lunch at the best Mexican place I know and then headed back home for naps. Hyde decided to curl up with me so I didn't sleep - sneezing and chest tightening up left a nap to be desired.

Saturday night Alicia came over, K's sister, and we had pizza from Marty's and played a little Farkle. I still can't believe E won with a 14000+ roll. Insane! But a lot of fun.

Today MS and I hung out with Nika while E&K went to work. This is where I have a lot of photos but I'll get them up this week, I promise. WE had a blast and Nike and MS really hit it off. :)

After lunch K and I went for a trail hike to have our time alone, as we do. It was a beautiful mother's day and the trail was wonderful. I drug MS out for some fresh air after we got back and we had a nice little walk.

So now we're just chillin' while the ladies nap. We're taking K out for dinner tonight for Mother's Day and as a thank you for the great weekend. Like K said though...we're family so it's just great to have us together again.

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erik g said...

thanks for the visit, and for hanging out with K after I had to leave. bummed I missed the rest of your trip, but we will see you guys again soon I hope.