20 May 2010

*hack hack*

This has been a week of the cough.

So MS started to get sick a couple days before we went to Sconnie. He got back and went to the doctor last Wednesday who told him he had a sinus infection and bronchitis. Nice.

I started coughing Wednesday night. Dammit.

My half marathon was scheduled for Saturday. Nervous I was, but I decided to test the waters Friday and then see how my knees felt. Yes, I was worried about my knees more than my lungs. MS was the other way around.

Well both felt okay Friday...knees were great (new shoes rock!) and the lungs were a little tight but I thought it was doable.

So I ran. And then I spent the rest of the day hacking. And Sunday. And Sunday night.

So Monday I went to the doctor and told him my plight. He checked me out and said, "It's allergies. Take Claritin-D." Uh, okay.

So Tuesday I picked up the drugs. And took them Tuesday night. And coughed all night.

And coughed all day Wednesday. Dr. Mom called that early afternoon and said, "You should be taking Robitussin." Uh, okay.

So I bought some. And hacked only a little Wednesday night, but still woke up. And woke up with a bloody nose (which tells me it's very dry in this house). And I've hacked off and on most of today.

But I feel a little better now. And I'm going to take some drugs and pray I make it through the night. I'm going on vacation tomorrow - one day - and I need to breathe. I also need to get over this crap so I can start running again. Moe is getting chubby. Not good.

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